Mechanical Repair Services

Mechanical Repair Services

For over 30 years Northwest has provided quality mechanical repair.

Over the years Northwest has continuously looked for additional ways to provide more solutions for your facilities equipment issues. With this philosophy, Northwest has grown its service offering into mechanical repair. Mechanical repair consists of Pumps, gearboxes, fans, and blowers.

Pump Types

Horizontal Split Case, Centrifugal, Submersibles, Vertical Turbine Multi-Stage, Large Vertical Turbine Single Stage, Non-Clog Sewage, Type F Sewage, Vacuum

Gearbox Types

Offset, Bevel, Planetary, Helical, Sequential, Cyclodial, Worm Reduction, Shaft Reduction

Fan Types

Axial, Centrifugal, Squirrel Cage

Blower Types

Single & Multi-stage

Machining Services

In order to provide repair services for these types of equipment Northwest has developed a full service machine shop that offers and the capability of shaft rebuilding & resurfacing, end bell repair, custom base conversion, and the ability to resize impellers. Our machinists have more than 30+ years experience in machining services.

In many of these mechanical repairs, being properly balanced is vital to the longevity of the repair. That is why Northwest offers balancing on:  gears, impellers, chopper assemblies, blower fans, shafts, rollers, aeration fan blades, couplings, and other specialized equipment. Anything that is balanced in one of Northwest’s five facilities is balanced back to or above the factory standards allowing you to be confident in your equipment when it is put back into operation.

Northwest continues to pride itself on being innovative in its service offerings, making us your one stop shop for all your facility's repair needs. Contact us today!

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