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Since 1955 Northwest Electric has prided itself on being the Midwest leader in quality electrical repair and customer service for all industry.  In order to do this Northwest Electric offers repair services for an extensive range of horse powers and categories of electric equipment along with following strict quality control procedures and tests.  Northwest Electric continually strives to advance its range of electric repair services and quality control processes to ensure long term customer satisfaction and success.

With services on horse powers ranging from, Fractional to 5,000 HP/ 4160 volts (AC) and Fractional to 2,000 HP / 500 volts (DC) Northwest has greatly expanded its offering over the years while still maintaining its high level of expertise. This expertise is not limited to just standard AC and DC but covers Drum/Roller, Explosion Proof, Slip Ring, Traction, and Wound Rotor motors.  Along with all of this Northwest also offers onsite and in house generator repair including StandBy, PTO Drive, and Portable generators. Specialty repairs such as lifting magnets, control coils, magnetic rollers, and brake coils. All of this means that Northwest can provide you with a repair solution for any of your facilities requirements.

In order to ensure that Northwest is providing the highest quality repair possible, we strictly follow the EASA AR 100, IEEE, NEMA, and ANSI standards for all electric motor repairs. In most cases Northwest will go above and beyond these standards to ensure you receive the highest quality repair. Coreless, Surge/HiPot/PI, Full Voltage, Vibration Analysis, TIR, Balancing, Low OHMS Resistance, Rotor Bar, Bar to Bar, and Dynamometer testing are standard on all corresponding motor repairs. These quality tests are just another way in which Northwest Electric takes the extra step to ensure the highest quality repair and to make sure you receive the level of customer service you deserve.

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