Pump Repair

Pump RepairPump Repair

Customers will benefit from the many years of pump repair experience at Northwest Electric. We work hard to control the repair costs on your pump, making your pump last longer for your investment.  The variety of different pumps we service include:

  • Horizontal Split Case
  • Centrifugal
  • Submersibles
  • Vertical Turbine Multi-stage
  • Large Vertical Turbine Single-stage
  • Non-Clog Sewage
  • Type F Sewage
  • Vacuum

Custom parts manufacturing:

Many times customers encounter a situation where they need a repair that involves a part that is no longer in production, or considered obsolete.  At Northwest Electric, we partner with companies that can manufacture a custom part, which is typically less expensive than purchasing a part from the factory (if it is outdated) an improved lead time while reducing costs the majority of the time.  When we have a part made, it is remanufactured back to factory specifications. 

Pump repair:

There are a variety of additional services we provide that increase the effectiveness of the repair and the life of your pump. Ceramic coating and the rust inhibitor lengthen the list of the product.  Balancing the impellers improves the efficiency and operation of the pump while lessening the wear and tear on the parts that are internal to the pump.  Over time, gunk and other buildup can cause contamination and rust -- having the surfaces sand blasted improves the operation of the pump.

All of these actions improve turnaround time, lessen your repair costs, and improve the life of your repair.


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