Quality Control Procedures

To ensure the highest quality repair, we adhere to the following standards and control processes:
  • EASA AR 100: The recommended practice for the repair of a rotating electrical apparatus from EASA. This is critical for the consistent quality standard for repairs.  Ensures complete assessment and proper process for motor repairs. 
  • IEEE Standards: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ensures consistency in the manufacturing of motors. 
  • NEMA: Standards from National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association provide guidelines for how a motor should fit in standard applications.  Manufacturers keep consistent dimensions to ensure the fit of your motor. NEMA promotes safety in the design, manufacture and use of electrical products
  • ANSI: The American National Standards Institute sets standards for a wide range of technical areas, from electrical specifications to communications protocols.
  • Northwest Motor Tracking Process: Once a motor enters a Northwest Electromechanical Services facility, there is a system designed to track the motor itself and any test or service it has completed.  A customer will know where their motor is at any given point in time.  Using a job number, the process provides a paper trail for complete documentation of the testing and services performed by Northwest Electromechanical Services.
  • NWE Advanced Standards: Though NEMA maintains a high standard of excellence for balancing rotors, Northwest Electromechanical Services has raised that standard even more - we call it The Northwest Electromechanical Services Advanced Standards. We go above and beyond the minimum requirement to ensure safety and maximum effectiveness of your equipment. 
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