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Innovative Solutions - MGS 751

MGS 751 Moisture Guard System

A motor’s life can be reduced significantly when it comes in contact with chemicals, salts, oils, water or other contaminants. The MGS 751 process was developed to deal with this very specific problem. MGS 751 provides an environmentally safe, chemically sealed stator winding. In addition, the motor is externally sealed for additional protection from excessive exposure to contaminants. If you are having repeat failures due to contaminants, call Northwest to learn more about the MGS 751 process.

  • Available on any size motor
  • Windings are totally impregnated with MGS 751 material
  • Reduces the thermal shock on windings
  • Increases winding stability
  • Sealed end bells and junction box
  • Shaft seals on both ends of motor
  • All resulting in an extended motor life
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